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Customer Care ยป Frequently Asked Questions
Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions
What are the rates for wireless use?
Rates will depend on the home service area (country) of your calling plan. Please see the Products & Services section to view rates for particular home service areas.

Where and how quickly can I receive my rental items?
PicCell Wireless offers many, flexible shipping options. Given at least 2 weeks before your departure date, round trip shipping is included within the Continental U.S. If it is less than 2 weeks before the date you request for delivery, rush shipping fees may apply, however, confirmed orders can be shipped within days to an address in the US. Shipping to a hotel, school, or hotel abroad is also available.

Why would I need additional SIM cards?
If you are planning on spending more than a few days in any country other than your home service area, and plan on using your wireless device, you may save money by renting an additional SIM card. The additional SIM card will provide a similar calling plan for use in that country, and reduce roaming use.

Do I need the optional renters insurance?
You may want to subscribe to the optional renters insurance, which covers 60% of lost, stolen, or broken rental items. This insurance can also be added to a contract after activation.

Can I use my own wireless phone?
If you already own an unlocked (tri-quad band) GSM phone, then you may simply rent a SIM card for use over-seas. Please contact the issuing network of your phone to be sure the phone is unlocked.

What is an unlocked phone?
Certain cellular providers will lock your GSM phone so you are unable to use 'foreign' SIM cards. For example a locked phone from Company A will not be able to read a SIM card from Company B. To use 'foreign' SIM cards you must request an unlock code for your phone from your cellular provider but - be aware - not all providers will issue an unlock code.

Is this a pre-pay service?
PicCell Wireless service provides unlimited wireless service and does not require refilling pre-paid minutes.

What is the minimum contract duration?
There are no contract term requirements. You may tailor the duration of your contract to fit your exact travel plans.

Will the phone work in countries other than my home service area? Yes, with few exceptions*, our phones will work in hundreds of countries all over the world. But once you leave your home service area, be advised that you will be subject to roaming rates. See roaming rates of your home calling area, where available, for details. *The phone must be within reach of GSM service and have the network bandwidth compatibility necessary for operation. For example, a dual band phone (PicCell rental class A or A+) may not work in some countries, whereas a tri band phone (PicCell rental class B) will work in all European countries, but not all Asian countries. Please contact us for details regarding the compatibility of phones when roaming.

Can I receive incoming calls for free?
For most calling packages, incoming calls to your phone, while you are using it in your home service area, are absolutely free; even calls from the U.S. unless otherwise noted. Please see the calling plan for your desired home calling area for details.

What are my options for wireless devices?
We offer many different wireless devices for sale or to rent. Please see the Products & Services section to view the devices available to purchase or to rent for your desired home calling area.